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Business Intelligence Solutions

Intelligence can provide insights not available elsewhere that warn of potential threats and opportunities, assess probable outcomes of proposed policy or opportunity options, provide comprehensive detailed profiles on individuals, and inform official travelers of security threats, risk mitigation, and situational awareness on real time actual intelligence.

An intelligence-driven strategic mindset to support influence and decision-making

Strategic Intelligence

Inform and enrich understanding of enduring distinct issues

Anticipatory Intelligence

Detect, identify, and warn of emerging issues and discontinuities

Current Operations

Support ongoing actions and sensitive intelligence operations

Gain an edge in the information environment

An information operation or I/O is a campaign that is dedicated to obtaining a decisive advantage in the information environment.

Empowering companies to thrive, even when challenges emerge

Placing a value on a company’s reputation can be difficult – but when a situation becomes erroneous, the effect on business is quick and the detriment in lost revenue, damaged or lost equipment, and local community disillusionment seems irreparable.

Ronin understands theses risks to business and the community it operates in. Ronin empowers companies to thrive, even when challenges emerge:

  • Evaluation of business risks and crafting of crisis communication plans
  • Assessments of local community support for business and ways to partner locally
  • Creation and implementation of community engagement programs
  • Reputation rebuilding planning and management

Industries we work with



Real Estate



Sports and Entertainment

Committed Experts

Ronin’s principals are involved in each engagement to add oversight and commitment to every project’s success. We transform our clients’ uncertainties into solutions. Our work extends beyond the normal or complacent but into tangible outcomes with driven results.