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Ronin Ventures Cyber Solution (RVC-S) keeps your communications and data safe, both in transit and at rest. Digital communications including voice, video, messaging, and data files involve sensitive information that must be protected against unauthorized access. We develop customized secure encrypted communications and back-end services that give you the technical advantage and help you securely connect to your team and or clients.

Tailored Secure Communications On-demand Solutions

RVC-S provides secure service through a proprietary virtualized network and communication ecosystem designed from scratch to keep your information secure.

Key features include:

RVC-S creates a secure closed sphere of influence in which your data (voice, MMS, SMS, video) can move freely without fear of compromise.

We provide tailored solutions that allow you to determine the level of protection: who is in and who is out and what type of services you need. 

Communicate person-to-person, group-to-group, or group-to person. Communicate securely over commercial cellular and wireless infrastructure. 

Our plug-and-play flexible infrastructure and software architecture allows for a wide variety of configurations. Most importantly, you can use any device across any public or commercial network.

Ronin Cyber has flexibility in customizing the deployment of the secure solutions. In general, it goes through a series of planning phases that ensures security, authentication, and confidentiality mapped to your mission and organization.

Annual Operation Support Services

We offer annual support agreements and a license for the softphone and server. Our support services include both fixing of defects and the right to integrate updates in closed source mode.

  • Tailored annual support agreements
  • Simplified dial numbering plan
  • Mobile app & servers stay updated, compatible, and compliant with the latest technologies
  • Certificate authority management certificates
  • Mobile device management for maximum flexibility in provisioning, device control, certificate management and policy enforcement.

Technology Resources

  • Cutting Edge Proprietary Cybersecurity Services & Support
  • Information Management 
  • Secure Encrypted Communications

Security & Risk Management

  • Detailed assessments with customized security solutions

Comprehensive Quality

Our quality is spearheading the industry with cutting-edge frameworks and technology, management systems, and the world’s most experienced personnel.

With today’s rapidly changing security space, arguably one of the hardest areas to protect against is cyber.

Our team constantly improves on existing offerings, as well as develops new programs to best secure your business enterprise. With decades of collective experience developing mission-centric solutions for federal and commercial customers, shaping new technologies and building business across markets and disciplines., you can be certain that your organization will be at the forefront of the development and implementation of not only recognized best practices… but the future.