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Intelligence Operations

Leveraging our expansive intelligence network, we turn information into knowledge. Better preparing you to make complex decisions.

Providing detailed reports, analysis, and briefings

Leveraging our international intelligence network, Ronin can assess areas of interest around the world in preparation for travel or to provide detailed information to influence business decision making processes. 


Operational Psychology & Intelligence Operations

Planning & Operational Risk Management to Government Agencies or Private Sector Corporations:

  • Consult on recruiting and handling sources or prospective hires
  • Provide psychological profiles including personality, motivations, vulnerabilities & psychopathology
  • Liaise with national security & Op psych community regarding best practices & emerging trends
  • Gatekeeper (GSAT)
  • Sexual Harassment & Assault Response/ Prevention (SHARPSAT)
  • Cultural Sensitivity Awareness
  • Individual threat actors (Lone Wolf) including personality, motivations & tactics

Threat Assessment & Management (TAM)

Key Member of Threat Mitigation Teams

  • Ensure businesses are current on psychological science & best practices in TAM
  • Provide psychological profiles & recommendations for effective threat mitigation or potential hires
  • Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT)
  • Insider-Threat (IT-SAT)
  • Guide development & implementation of Threat Mitigation Protocols (TMP)
  • Special Operations Forces (SOFSAT)
  • Maritime Advanced (MASAT)
  • Active Violence
  • Aviation Security Situational Awareness

Critical Areas of Expertise & Engagement

  • Intelligence Community and Elite Military Units
  • Psychology of Intelligence Operations and Private Sector Corporations
  • Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

Training Services

Corporate Leadership Training, Human Behavior, and Intercultural Communications.


Comprehensive Quality

Utilizing comprehensive best practices that have been realized and implemented internationally, with great effect.