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Ronin believes that every family, business, organization, and government agency benefits from greater visibility and connectivity. Tracking and alerting through a flexible integration analytics platform provides the foundation for increased safety, awareness, and efficiency. Regardless of an organization's size or goal, RVL Track is adaptable and scalable allowing everyone access to the powerful tracking and risk management tools that were previously out of reach.

Monitoring and Protecting the Things That Matter To You Most

RVL Track makes tracking, integration, and connectivity with your people and assets easy and seamless. With assets, personnel, intellectual property, and general operations spread around the globe, it is easy to lose focus on where your organization truly is.

Entities are being exposed to an ever-expanding range of risks while operating and living in an unsure world. Whether chasing new opportunities or simply continuing day-to-day operations – you, your people, and your assets should be connected and aware.

Expand and operate your business globally with complete awareness while mitigating physical and reputational risk

  • Tracking  
  • iOS & Android phone app
  • 40+ Devices pre-integrated
  • SOS button
  • Direct communication
  • Satellite & cellular network connectivity
  • Increased Personnel Safety & Awareness  
  • Real-Time Detailed Location Data
  • Seamless Communication
  • Automated Alerting
  • Real-Time Risk Data  
  • Region based risk information
  • Real-time global event data
  • Immediately alerted if any assets or people are affected
  • Improved Response Times  
  • Surface Relevant Data Immediately
  • Quickly Assign Response Assets
  • Collaborate Across Multiple Agencies in Real-Time
  • Itinerary Integration  
  • Itineraries ingested by email or integration
  • Manage, approve, or deny travel based on risk levels
  • Alert on travel disruptions
  • Sensor Integration  
  • Create Common Operating Picture (C.O.P.)
  • Leverage Sensor Feeds Against Each Other
  • Train on One System; Access Many

Mission Support Services

  • Field Support Services
  • Systems Engineering Lifecycle Support
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • International Advisor Operations
  • Operations Support Security Staffing
  • Virtualization Support
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • International Travel and Logistics, Facilitation, and Support
  • International Security and Risk Assessments
  • Strategic Secure Communications and Equipment
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Influence Operations / Strategic Communications
  • International travel and logistics, facilitation and support

Training Services

  • Corporate Leadership Training, Human Behavior, and Intercultural Communications
  • Workplace Violence Response and Procedures
  • Corporate Leadership and Performance Coaching
  • International Travel Awareness
  • Build-to-Suit EP/VIP Protection Scenarios
  • Counter Surveillance Techniques
  • EP/VIP Advance and Route Planning
  • Firearms Training
  • First Aid, CPR, and Emergency Preparedness
  • Comprehensive Performance Assessment and Selection Services for Prospective Hires, from Security Staff to Managers and Principles
  • Integrate Systems and Equipment used Day-to-Day or in the Workplace
  • Customized Scenarios to Meet Specific Workplace or Security Objectives
  • Comprehensive Training Programs Created and Implemented based on Workplace and or EP/VIP Needs

Comprehensive Quality

Utilizing comprehensive best practices that have been realized and implemented internationally, with great effect.