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Physical Security

With international and domestic influential presence, within the United States and abroad, Ronin is strategically positioned, and experienced in response to our clients' most sensitive concerns

Local Accountability

Facilities of all types can come under threats from a variety of actors – thieves, disgruntled employees, terrorists and other non-state actors, and employee mishaps.

Understanding the threats facing a facility enables for proper emergency planning, identifying security needs, and implementing an appropriate security plan.

Ronin provides detailed assessments measuring and subsequently managing potential threats or risks. With custom-tailored and solution-driven security plans, you can be sure that the action plans will be immediate and effective. 


Mission Support Services

International travel and logistics, facilitation and support

  • Field Support Services
  • Systems Engineering Lifecycle Support
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • International Advisor Operations
  • Operations Support Security Staffing
  • Virtualization Support
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • International Travel and Logistics, Facilitation, and Support
  • International Security and Risk Assessments
  • Strategic Secure Communications and Equipment
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Influence Operations / Strategic Communications

Security & Risk Management

Ronin maintains innovative risk management and mitigation solutions that bring together our industry experts to solve complex problems.

  • Detailed Assessments, with Customized Security Solutions
  • Workplace Violence Response and Procedures
  • International Travel Awareness
  • Build-to-Suit EP/VIP Protection Services
  • EP/VIP Advance and Route Planning
  • Human Behavior and Intercultural Communications
  • Comprehensive Performance Assessment and Selection Services for Prospective Hires, from Security Staff
    to Managers and Principles
  • Comprehensive Training Programs Created and Implemented Based on Workplace and or EP/VIP Needs

Comprehensive Quality

Ronin provides our clients with the most comprehensive assets for the dynamic and asymmetric situation currently facing international governments and corporations today.